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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We envision a Somalia where all disabiliteis even in the most remote villages hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others and enjoy protection,development and participation.

   To convey and pass on problems those arise in the daily lives of Somali disadvantage   and Disabilities

To activate and create movement·      

To Working with the  other Disabilities organisations at national and international level.      

To create and support projects at an international level in relation to our purpose.

Inaccessible work places, discrimination and negative attitudes are a major barrier.

People with disabilities also have more difficulty in accessing health-care providers with appropriate skills, and they are more vulnerable to secondary health conditions and premature death,



Our Mission

Figure HNO Team

The Hiil Naafo (HNO) is non-profit organization that promotes the full participation and contributions of Somali and Danish people with disabilities in all aspects of life. Today, HNO focuses on increasing awareness, fund raising and collection of all disable people’s support materials as well as hospital equipment and materials. We advocate the employment opportunities for the people of working-age with disabilities who are not employed and give them training courses.

Founded in 1996, HNO is one of the oldest cross-disability organisations of Diaspora background in the country, and remains one of the few organizations committed to represent all Somalis with disabilities, regardless of their particular condition, clan, region, religion or circumstances. We work tirelessly alongside disabled and vulnerable people to help meet their basic needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental right.


Roles of Hiil Naafo

Figure HNO chairman with beneficiaries

The role of the organisation includes:

  • Providing a voice of their  own, identifying needs.
  • Expressing views on priorities.
  • Evaluating services , advocating change and public awareness both back home and Denmark.
  • Fund raising for projects
  • Share information of people with disabilities with other stakeholders
  • Implementing projects targeting specifically people with disabilities
  • Linking people with disabilities to other service providers

HNO’s believe that people with disability are their own best spokespersons and their role has been and is fundamental for the human rights movement of people with disability.

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