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Background of the Organization.


Although Somalia is considered as a post conflict country, the many years of war caused considerable number of permanently disabled persons. Moreover, the legacy of war is the collapse of the health care system making preventable and curable diseases such as polio and meningitis to spread.


Figure wheel chairs delivered by HNO

The poor assistance provided to pregnant women, and the lack of well functioning maternity hospitals, have resulted in many cases of children affected by cerebral palsy and congenital deformities.

Accurate figure of disabled population is not available in Somalia, but there are roughly 350,000 with physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities (25% of the population, WHO, 2011) and means the Somali Disable people are more then that acquaint now. The Somalia government does not yet have the financial and technical means to meet their rehabilitation needs. In collaboration with Ministry of Health of Somalia, HNO’s  to carry out accessible and good quality rehabilitation service.

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