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Since 1996 the organisation has launched many different activities included awareness special Somali community in Denmark, fund raising, debates about the rights of disabled people and how to support them, information through the media, sports like wheelchair basketball, swimming , shooting, IT courses, collection of wheelchairs, wheelchair recycles, etc and all other materials related to disabled people .

To convey and pass on problems those arise in the daily lives of Somali elderly and disabled people.To activate and create movement7. Working with the Somali elderly and disabled at national and international level.8. To create and support projects at an international level in relation to our purpose.


Figure HNO in Kismayo

We have delivery about 20.pecis 40.fds, containers from Denmark to almost every region of Somalia including Somaliland, Puntland, Jubaland, Central Regions, Mogadishu, and Somali refugee camps in Kenya.

The containers contain disabled and hospital materials and equipments. Last month (Ramadan month) we collected 6.700 dollars to feed more than 300 families in refugee camps in Kenya and other regions in Somalia we focused people with disabilities’ families. Next week we will send container full of school, hospital and disable materials collected from different institutions in Denmark HNO already raise and will pay the transportations costs, from Denmark to Port in Somalia.

Figure HNO stakeholders in meeting

Partnership. We are members of many Danish disabled organisations, and Danish municipalities and government; internationally we have a good cooperation with many NGO’s locally and internationally, other local Somali organisations.

Information provided by HIIL NAAFO

Not many people living in the West realize how people with disabilities survive in developing countries such as Somalia.

People with disabilities in Somalia are often disregarded by their families because they are thought to be a terrible burden to the family and add stigma to the community.

Therefore, it is up to local organizations to take care of them and teach society that people with disabilities have a RIGHT to live a prosperous life and we, the people who are given the chance/right to lead any life we want recognize the wonderful work that local NGOs (like HIIL NAAFO) do for people whom are often times dispersed.

HIIL NAAFO (HNO’s) founded in 1996 is a non profit organization created to support the needs of people with disabilities in Denmark and back home of Somalia. This support in terms of

Physical rehabilitation, Disability prevention and Human Rights Education for social and economic

inclusion. DSEHF’s main partner Somali Diaspora We are trying to expand our horizons by proving access to education, create employment opportunities and develop a social work department where people can seek out resources in their communities.

HNO’s Current Activities Include

Figure HNO distribution center
  • 12 Workshops a year, in the Somali communities out side country and in the regions in side Somalia that produce devices of all types (wheelchairs, crutches, etc.) to improve mobility for the physically impaired individuals
  • Parent Get-together Workshops for experience sharing and capacity building through counselling, medical information and managing activities of Daily living
  • Training of Medical Staff on Disability Prevention and early detection for Referral and intervention
  • Human Rights Education and Public Awareness Raising on disability
Figure HNO hospital equipment for Somalia

We want to expand our organization by providing more services. Here are possible areas of expansion opportunities;

  • Education Department finds schools in the area that are suitable for our members.
  • Social work Department to help our members find proper resources in order to expand their horizons
  • Skills Training Department to help our disable members find adequate employment so that they can become productive members of society
  • Physical Rehabilitation

Mobility and restoring functional ability are the first steps towards social and economic integration of physically impaired persons and enjoying and accessing basic human rights including having

Figure HNO beneficiary

the same opportunities available to othermember of society:

“Food shelter, education, recreation and employment.

Without appropriate physical rehabilitation, the people with disabilities become increasingly isolated and trapped in the vicious disability cycle.

First things first:

* Physical rehabilitation is needed to ‘ensure the full participation and inclusion in society of persons with disabilities. It is the 1st and most crucial step for inclusion.

  • Physical rehabilitation services must be accessible and equitable. They should be available at urban and village levels and for all types of impairments whatever the cause might be.
  • Physical rehabilitation leads to independence and personal autonomy as well as the ability to take control of one’s own life!
  • Once the physically impaired persons stand and move around, his/her self-esteem as well as acceptance by others around increase



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