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I had requested for hospital equipment donation from DS-Eldre Handicap Forening-Denmark, upon which I made a trip to Denmark to have consultation with its leadership under Ahmed M. Elm, and agreed that we will enter into a working relationship.

Thanks to DS-Eldre Handicap Forening on the 24th May, 2011, I received a

Bill of Lading from Safmarine, with a number of items which was shipped on 8th May, 2011, and the Port of landing was Mombasa Port. The booking number of the materials 5539991196. The container arrived in Kenya on 27th June, 2011.

The container took about 2months to be cleared by the Government Agencies and after the clearance of the cargo the container was transported to Ijara via Malindi. The container took one day on its way to Ijara, the people of Ijara offloaded the container in Masalani and all the items in the container were stored in Masalani Town for further distribution to hospital. (Below are some few photographs of the items).

(Display of the equipments at the hospital)

(A man inspecting further the beds and taking a photo with it)

(Offloading the equipments and taking them inside the hospital)

The items were taken to Ijara District Hospital on 26th September, 2011. We had a very big function at the Hospital and the Chief Guest was Hon. Mohammed Yusuf Hajji, the Area Member of Parliament and the Minister for Defense (pictured below 1st from left with a stick) in the Kenyan Government. The occasion was witnessed by manystakeholders, which include the District Commissioner of Ijara, All Government Officials in Ijara, Officials of NGO’s in Ijara, Council of Elders, Members of Local Elected Council, Religious Leaders, Peace Committees Members of Ijara, Members of the District Hospital Board, Ijara, Representatives of Youth Organizations, Representative of Women Organizations, Members of Staff of the Hospital, District Medical Officer and Myself (Hon. Sophia Abdi Noor) among many others.

(In the picture above from left Hon. Mohamed Yusuf Hajji, A woman who cares for a disabled child, Hon. Yusuf Hajji, District Commissioner – A wheelchair is being given to the Woman on behalf of her disabled child)

During the function the Chairman of the County Council of Ijara expressed a lot of gratitude to the people of Denmark, to Ahmed Elm and all those who helped in with the items that were donated to Ijara District Hospital. On behalf of the people of Ijara, he thanked the people who donated the items to Ijara. He urged Hon. Sophia to develop a long lasting relationship with the people of Denmark so that it can benefit all the Hospitals in Ijara.

Mr. Dekow, an old man from Ijara who requested to be given a chance in the function, was very emotional about the donation and said that they have never seen such hospital beds in their lifetime and he also said that all the other items too were much needed in the hospital and he equally thanked the donors (people of Denmark) who used their taxpayers money to purchase the items.

(Mr. Dekow with a stick and his friend following the occasion keenly)

The District Medical Officer who also addressed the function thanked Hon. Sophia and Hon. Mohamed Yusuf Hajji for their continuous support; he said that the hospital needs a lot of equipments and named some of them as X-rays, Laboratory equipments and Ambulances. He equally thanked the donors and the Government of Denmark for the wonderful donation which will go along way in assisting the people of Ijara and he urged the staff that they were challenged, because the equipments were not found in any hospital in Ijara and the whole of North Eastern Province and even in the whole country except Nairobi, you will find them in Nairobi Hospital and Aga Khan, MP Shah just to mention a few. He told them as staff, they need to maintain the equipments and put them in their rightful use.

The District Commissioner also addressed the function and said that he was so excited about the donations and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the donors and the Area Member of Parliament and Hon. Sophia Abdi for the hard work. He told the people that during this hard times of drought, the two leaders have been with them throughout and

they have assisted the vulnerable people with food and water. He said that it is during hard times when people establish the good leaders. He pleaded with the hospital Board Members and Staff to maintain the equipments since it was through a sacrifice that we have received the donations. He called upon Hon. Sophia Abdi to address the gathering and thereafter to invite the Chief Guest to address the occasion.

Hon. Sophia Abdi Noor, thanked the Area M.P and the Minister for Defense for accepting to grace the occasion and for receiving the donation on behalf of the constituents.

(Hon. Sophia Abdi addressing the opening of the occasion)

Hon. Sophia also thanked all the people who came to the function. She also gave a brief history of how the donation came to be. She thanked the donors and accepted to build a long time relationship as was requested by the Chairman of the County Council. She invited the Hon. Minister for the items viewing, and also the other people joined the viewing of the items which were donated around the hospital. An old man demonstrated by sleeping on the bed. After the viewing exercise, Hon. Sophia officially invited Hon. Mohammed Hajji to officiate the event.

(Hon. Sophia offering a vote of thanks during the occasion)

Hon. Mohammed Hajji – Minister for Defense thanked the people who attended the meeting and also Hon. Sophia Abdi for her hard work. He also appreciated that given her previous background, she developed many good connections with very many people and appeal to the people to work with her and support her.

(Hon. Mohamed Hajji and Hon Sophia Abdi giving out a wheelchair)

He also thanked the donors more so, Ahmed Elm and the The Danish Foreign Ministry’s and Department – DANIDA, DENMARK, for the donations. He assured that all the items that were donated will be used properly under his supervision, and he equally said that he will write official letters of appreciation which will follow after this report. He also joined in urging Hon. Sophia to develop good working relationship with the people of Denmark for the benefit of the people of North Eastern Province. He challenged the Staff of Ijara District Hospital to ensure that the equipments donated are put into good use to be able to help and save lives of the constituents.

Below are some more photos of Women, Children and Men in jubilation upon receiving the equipments and also some other shots which were taken during the function.

(Men following the events at the occasion keenly)

(Children also could not miss out in the unforgettable event)

(Women could not hide their joy during the occasion)

(A mother had to stand the weight of carrying her child only to witness the occasion)

(Laughter, joy, lots and lots of jubilation was the biggest part of the event)

(Even the hot sun could not make the villagers miss the occasion)

(Hon. Mohamed Hajji trying to give a heads-up to the mother on how to use the wheelchair)

(Elders following the occasion keenly)

Apart from the Ijara District Hospital, the some of the equipments were also distributed to the villages and refugee camps especially Wheelchairs and crutches to the disabled people.

(Mzee Hussein disabled trying to grasp some steps with his brand new crutches)

(Mzee Ali with his donated crutches)

(Ooops, got to learn more. Mzee Ali getting help to using his crutches)

(Just perfect, Mzee Ali comfortable walking with his new crutches)

In conclusion I wish to take this opportunity once again thank the donors for your much needed assistance and appeal for more assistance of equipments including the X -rays machines, wheelchairs and many others as many lives are lost and damaged due lack and inadequate necessary equipments to be used in hospitals. Many are hospitals which are in dire need of them. I will really appreciate your partnering with me to be able to help the bigger percentage of the less fortunate and underprivileged in the North Eastern Province.

More pictures will follow this report as we are still processing them. Below please, find the Financial Report.

May God bless you as you continue helping save lives!

Wharfage KPA/ACHL/CSC Charges439,180.00
Local Shipping Line Charges27,144.00
Container Deposits80,000.00
IDF/GOK Fee21,514.00
Import Duty112,602.00
Import VAT98,972.00
Excise Duty9,300.00
Customs Warehouse Rent27,540.00
Container Demurrage Charge331,745.00
Agency Fee5,600.0035,000.00
Customes Entries Fees288.001,800.00
Documentation Fees448.002,800.00
Handling WLSL1,328.008,300.00
Transportation cost from Msa to Ijara* 250,000.00
Storage of the Items* 25,000.00
Transportation cost from Masalani to Ijara Hospital* 10,000.00
Sub Total7,664.001,480,897.00
Add Total VAT Amount 7,664.00
Total 1,488,561.00
Less Payed by Ahmed Elm 150,000.00
Grand Total 1,338,561.00

US$ 13.718,00


The details which are starred, I have not yet received their receipts yet, but I will forward them to your office as soon as I get them from the Suppliers. I have attached together with this report the rest of the receipts and transaction documents of the whole process.

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